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ESE Lightning Arrester


The main function of the AIYRA ESE lightning protection system installed on the existing buildings is to capture a lightning stroke and then conduct discharge current safely to the ground. In some conditions, however the ESE lightning system is the only possible method to protect from direct lightning strokes. Due to the arguments mentioned above, we recommend to use the active lightning protection whenever the conventional solution is inconvenient or when the former is more preferable to the latter as in the case of the efficient protection of architectures & electrical system.

The lightning discharge is initiated by so called down conductor which creates an ionized air path (downwards or upwards) between the cloud and the ground for the necessary flow of any lightning currents.

The Lightning Portection systems has four basic objectives
  • To capture the lightning.
  • To conduct lightning current safely to earth.
  • To dissipate the lightning current in the ground.
  • To provide protection against the secondary effects of lightning.
The external protection system are used for this purpose and there are 3 major types.
  • ESE Lightning Protection Systems
  • Faraday Cage Systems
  • Franklin Rod Systems

Level l AIYRA-30 40
Level ll AIYRA-30 55
Level lll AIYRA-30 64
Level lV AIYRA-30 72

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