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Remedies Earthing Systems Pvt. Ltd., (RESPL) an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company is a visionary in the field of designing, manufacturing and supplying earthing and lightning protection system. We take immense pride in our nonpareil expertise and experience in protection standards andknack for innovation. RESPL has marked a niche in providing a "total solution" to all your earthing, Lightning protection, surge Protection, electricity safety systems and transient over voltage protection requirements.

RESPL is a pioneering company which stands in solidarity with the "Make in India" initiative of the government of India devised to make India a global manufacturing hub.Our products comply with the highest standards of quality as per international standards.

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Since inception, Remedies Earthing Systems Pvt. Ltd., has been determined to provide optimum quality range in the business. Not only do we have appreciation for our amazing product range, but also, for the feasible & reliable services. It is for the constant determination and dedication that we have earned a vast number of customers, in the market. In the coming years, we wish to maintain our unmatched reputation and position in the industry.

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Why is earthing important?

Earthing is a huge factor when it comes to our electrical system since the electrical ecosystem is not very ideal. It is always exposed to high voltage ambushes, faulty current, short circuits, surges and lightning which is a colossal risk. Therefore, Earthing is extremely important in a system that has running electricity to avert damage to life and property. Through earthing, the electric current is discharged into the earth through a low resistance wire.

Even though I have earthing done, why am I still at risk of electric shocks from the machinery I use?

The main purpose of earthing stands with neutralizing any sort of induced power.
There can be a few reasons why you can still get electric shocks after earthing:

Poor earthing system.

The earthing wire is not properly connected to the earthing pit, thereby the electrical power is not neutralized to 0.

Faulty fuses can also lead to deadly electric shocks.

Why do electrodes have plates? What are its purposes?

Simply speaking, electrodes have plates inside them in order to increase the surface area. A plated electrodes' main purpose is die-sinking electric discharge machining.

The flat plate shape is for making molds and silver, copper or graphite can be used as the material in making them. The plate basically has a positive potential which helps in attracting and capturing the electrons that the cathode emits.

Is Back Fill Compound required while installing the electrode?

When earthed compounds are installed, the moisture around its soil is retained with the help of back fill compound, preventing any leakage of electrical currents from your earthing system. Therefore, it is extremely important to have back fill compound during installation of the electrode. This helps in preventing any life hazards.

Important determinants of the longevity of an earthing system?

Electrical earthing helps transfer sudden discharge of electrical energy through a low resistance wire, into the earth. These following factors determine the longevity of an earthing system:

The effectiveness of an earthing system is well determined by the soil conditions.

Soil resistivity is another key factor.

Material used in the back fill compound, it should not be affected by harsh cold weather or susceptible to expansion due to heat.

The location of the earthing pit and the right amount of moisture around it.

The resistance value of the earthing system.

The selection of the right material for the earthing system.

Where is earthing required?

Earthing simply refers to the discharge of excessive current into the earth ensuringthe protection of life and property. It is an important part of any installation as earthing helps in preventing any electrocution. Earthing, therefore, is mandatory at any place that has electrical appliances and equipment installed.

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