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Earthing Rods


  • The product provides high protection against corrosion, long life, easy installation and maintenance free.
  • Superior resistance to oxidation.
  • Made from high quality raw material that meets all the required technical provisions and having High tensile strength.
  • Provides low resistance path to any faulty & leakage currents in ground and ensures the smooth flow of the ground dissipation.
  • Based on worldwide acknowledged technology.
  • 4G earthing acquires inbuilt terminal for better conductivity and does not need any clamp which offer hassle free process.
  • Suitable for all types of soil.
  • Long life and easy installation.
  • Cost effective.


COPPER BONDED EARTH ROD Remedies copper bonded earth rods probably offer to the installer the best and most economical earth rods available. They are made by molecularly bonding 99.9% pure electrolytic copper low carbon steel core. Remedies rods are not of the sheathed type. They are highly resistant to corrosion, and because the steel used has a very high tensile strength, they can be driven by power hammers to great depths.


Highly reliable for safety of human life High load carrying capacity, and maximum fault current dissipation instantly Maintain low resistance value for a very long period having the bare minimum fluctuations Ensures protection always to electronic / electrical equipments FEATURES Revolutionary installation, Corrosion Resistance, Maintenance Free, Highly Durable, reliable and Cost Effective Solution for the life time. Proper earthing ensure longer life for all electrical and electronics equipments. It prevent equipments from over voltage damage. Improves the reliability to power system ensures least ohmic values.

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We are one of the recommended sources for Maintenance Free Chemical Earthing System, Conventional & ESE Lightning Arresters, Earth Enhancing Compound, Bonding System, Surge Protection Systems & Exothermic Welding.

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