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Earthing Kits


Highly sophisticated and very sensitive to surges and fault currents, This necessitates a very high efficiency low resistance earthing system. it is in response to this, we have developed on Mobile Earthing System (RESPL-ME-GI) both in GI and SS with pipe in pipe technology.

Advanced Chemical Sealed Electrode (RESPL-ME-GI) for Mobile application is specially designed for short duration mobile application, reusable type, easy installation and removal.

RESPL-ME-GI is a multipurpose grounding system which provide quick time dissipation of lightning current, electrical transients, static discharges, electro-magnetic interference and other electrical hazards.

Application for Mobile Facilities

The need arose, especially for armed forces for their mobile communication and radar units, where the system desired should havequick deployment and redeployment capability. Some of the many applications were mobile communication vehicles and mobile medical facilities.

Technical Specification of Electrode

RESPL-ME-GI horizontal electrode has been designed for use in any typeof soil condition. The electrode is designed by using L-shape GI tube having GI tube 2" dia, 1ft vertical and 6ft horizontal filled with high conductive salts, packed inside the GI pipe of 6" dia, 5.5ft length duly packed with low resistivity soil enhancement material compound (REMEDIES-ERIC) GI Strip of 40x4mm is welded at top. The electrode weighs around 75 kg.


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