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Maintenance Free Earthing Pact For Our Society

A firmly designed earthing system is a part of importance in an electrical installation. Any equipment or circuitry needs to be protected by earthing against touch & step voltage. Not only in case of machinery, along with property, have personnel too needed a safeguard against dangerous fault currents.

Our earth is the ultimate conductive surface present in the universe as the ubiquitous standard for all electrical system & installations. The expected life of an effective earthing system is about 30 years. If we go technically then we can say that an effective earth termination system provides a low impedance path to the default fault current so that it can be discharged safely in a stream line without any loss of particulars.

Copper Bonded Rods: The earthing system is majorly about performance of copper bonded rod. The mild steel rod of low carbon includes noteworthy conductivity.

Earth Enhancement Compound: Earlier the conventional technology pairs up with salt & charcoal but since it promotes factors and deteriorates with the time. Earth Enhancement Compound came into being for the purpose. The compound consists of natural components and possesses no hazardous content. It is carbon based compound (mainly graphite) which is in acquiesces that says about leaching test, corrosion test, sulfur test & Resistance test to ensure a healthy performance.

Exothermic Connections Mechanical joints are more prone to loss. Isolation is half dependent on the connection it made. Exothermic welding system results in strong joints made by melting two metals at high temperature.

Pit Covers: To safeguard personnel & property. Pit covers are now made of heavy duty plastic compound for exaggerated durability. These covers are removable and used for checking and recording resistance value at any ladder of time.